2024 Salomon Skis, Boots & Bindings: Embrace the Thrill of the Mountains!

2024 Salomon Skis, Boots & Bindings: Embrace the Thrill of the Mountains!
The snow-covered slopes are calling, and it's time to gear up for another thrilling ski season. Salomon, the renowned brand synonymous with quality and performance, is back with its exciting lineup of 2024 skis, boots, and bindings. Get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures as we explore the latest additions to the Salomon family. From lightweight touring skis to high-performance boots and versatile bindings, there's something for every skiing enthusiast. So, let's dive in and discover what's in store for the upcoming season!

Conquer the Backcountry with the QST Echo Skis

Say hello to the QST Echo, lovingly dubbed "The Cody Ski" by dedicated followers. These skis are the perfect companion for backcountry enthusiasts, offering a lightweight construction without compromising stability. Featuring a lively karuna and poplar wood core, cork amplifiers, and basalt fibres, the QST Echo ensures a smooth and stable ride while reducing weight for effortless uphill climbs. With a versatile shape borrowed from the QST 106 and Stella 106, these skis excel in various snow conditions, whether a few inches of fresh powder or a spring boot pack adventure. Excitingly, the QST Echo comes in a fully fleshed-out unisex size range, ensuring everyone can experience the thrill of these exceptional skis.

Unleash Your Inner Charger with the Salomon Stance Skis

Looking for an exhilarating charging experience? The Salomon Stance, the stiffer and more powerful cousin of the QST series, has received a construction upgrade. The Karuba and poplar wood core is now enhanced with a redesigned titanal frame and an all-mountain rocker profile. From carving up groomers to navigating the glades, the Salomon Stance delivers exceptional performance in any terrain. Push your limits and feel the adrenaline rush as you conquer the slopes with these outstanding skis.

Experience Enhanced Performance and Ease with the S/Pro SUPRA Boots

Step into the future of skiing boots with the new Salomon S/Pro SUPRA. Designed for high performance and ease of use, these boots feature a BOA closure system on the lower cuff, eliminating the need for front buckles. The BOA technology ensures a secure and comfortable fit, spreading pressure evenly across the top of your foot and eliminating common pressure points associated with traditional pins. With its superior response and lightweight design, the Salomon S/Pro SUPRA is the perfect upgrade to your traditional four-buckle boots. Whether you're charging down the slopes or exploring the backcountry, these boots will elevate your skiing experience.

Embrace the Power and Precision of the MTN Summit Bindings

It is introducing the new MTN Summit Binding, designed for lightweight touring adventures. With a slightly burlier construction than its sibling, the MTN Pure, these bindings offer exceptional performance for freeride skiers seeking weight reduction without sacrificing power. The toe piece provides a wide release range, and Salomon's Autoflex system ensures dynamic response on the snow, perfect for freeriding pursuits. Pair these bindings with the QST Echo skis for an incredible combination that will have you charging down the slopes like a pro.

Unleash Your Potential with the Strive Bindings

Good news for all skiers seeking versatility! The Strive Binding is now fully multi-norm (MN) compatible, offering Gripwalk and MNC versions. Choose. the binding that suits your boot type and walking preferences. The Strive Binding is designed with a lightweight construction and an adjustable DIN range, allowing you to fine-tune the release settings to match your skiing style and skill level. Whether you prefer to explore the groomers, venture into the backcountry, or hit the terrain park, the Strive Binding provides the performance and versatility you need to unleash your full potential on the slopes.

Elevate Your Skiing Experience with Salomon

Salomon continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the skiing industry, and the 2024 lineup is no exception. With the QST Echo Skis for backcountry adventurers, the Salomon Stance Skis for those who love to charge down the slopes, the S/Pro SUPRA Boots for enhanced performance and ease, and the MTN Summit and Strive Bindings for freeride and versatile skiing experiences, Salomon offers a complete package for skiers of all levels and preferences.


Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to explore the mountains, Salomon's 2024 collection provides the tools to embrace the thrill of the slopes and make unforgettable memories. So, gear up, grab your skis, boots, and bindings, and get ready to carve your way into an extraordinary skiing season with Salomon. Let the mountains be your playground, and let Salomon be your trusted companion on every adventure!