Discover the Pow-Pow: Black Crows Skis Take Flight in 2024

Discover the Pow-Pow: Black Crows Skis Take Flight in 2024
Hold on tight, winter sports enthusiasts, because Black Crows are about to blow your ski-loving minds once again! Prepare to be dazzled by a vibrant array of colours and some wickedly playful sidewall designs as Black Crows introduces their latest offering for the upcoming season. And oh boy, that's not all! They've got a few exciting new skis up their sleeves too. Let's dive into the world of Black Crows and explore what they have in store for us this time around.

The Mighty Nocta: Shredding Powder Like a Boss ✨

First up, let's talk about the all-new Black Crows Nocta. This behemoth of a ski retains its iconic name but debuts with a fresh twist—a cambered, asymmetrical construction. Clocking in at a whopping 122 mm underfoot, the Nocta means serious business when it comes to dominating powder. While the waist width remains the same, the shovel tips and tails have gained a few extra millimetres across all sizes. But that's not all—the Nocta boasts a new medium flex double rocker camber profile that ensures maneuverable stability, making it a true standout both in powdery conditions and beyond. You can find this powder-hungry beast in sizes ranging from 117 to a staggering 191.

Conquering Steep Slopes with the Solis 🌄

If you're a fan of steep and challenging terrains, Black Crows has you covered with their dedicated steep ski, the Solis. This season, the Solis receives a subtle profile update, with a touch of added camber underfoot to provide even more stability on those heart-stoppingly steep slopes. It's available in sizes 174 and 180, catering to skiers who crave the thrill of conquering the untamed mountains.

Uphill Adventure with the Draco Freebird 🏔️

But let's not forget about the uphill enthusiasts! The men's Draco Freebird from Black Crows promises an epic backcountry experience without pledging loyalty to any Dark Lords—unless, of course, that Dark Lord refers to the north face covered in pristine, shreddable snow. The Draco Freebird stands out in Black Crows' touring lineup as the sole twin-tip ski, boasting a robust 110mm waist width that lets you carve through that sweet, sweet backcountry powder. With its classic rocker-camber-rocker profile and stiff flex, this ski provides the necessary stability for skinning up the slopes while leaving plenty of room for freestyle shenanigans once you reach the summit. Designed for taller skiers who value both playfulness and lightweight performance, the Draco Freebird comes in sizes 176 to 189.

The Black Crows Nocta: A Return to Powder Paradise 🌟

Now, brace yourselves for the biggest news from Black Crows—the Nocta is back and better than ever! This ultra-playful ski, with a substantial 122mm underfoot, is an absolute powder-slaying machine. Perfect for helicopter drops and those dreamy, thigh-deep days on the slopes, the Nocta has become a favourite of the Powder7 staff. In 2019, the Nocta shed its camber and adopted a full-rocker shape, but this year, it's returning to its roots.

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The new Nocta boasts a more traditional freeride rocker shape, featuring a deep rocker in the tip and tail, significant tip and tail splay, and camber underfoot. This design tweak aims to enhance performance even in less-than-perfect powder conditions,