2024 Elan Skis: Bringing Fun and Playability to the Slopes!

2024 Elan Skis: Bringing Fun and Playability to the Slopes!
photo credits: elanskis.com
Elan, a rising star in the ski industry, is making waves with its 2024 ski lineup. While the Ripstick series has been their claim to fame in recent years, this season brings exciting additions to their offerings. Among the highlights are the all-mountain freestyle skis, the Playmaker 91 and 101, designed for maximum fun and playfulness. With their innovative features and versatile performance, Elan skis are gaining popularity in the North American market. Let's dive into the details of these new skis and explore what makes them stand out!

What's New? 🆕

The Playmaker 91 and 101

Elan introduces the Playmaker 91 and 101, skis that have been in the works for several years. These twin-tip sticks boast a surf rocker, a tubelike wood core, and carbon rods for stability. Available in a range of sizes, from 156 to 188 cm in the Playmaker 91 and 168 to 188 cm in the Playmaker 101, these skis offer versatility to riders of all preferences and abilities. One noteworthy feature is their symmetrical design, eliminating the need to keep track of left and right skis.

Inspired by Success

Elan draws inspiration from their popular Ripstick series and Ripstick Tour series to create these new skis. The Playmaker incorporates the Tubelite wood core, known for its balance of energy and playfulness in a lightweight package. Additionally, the 360 sidewalls, seen in the Ripstick Tour, reduce weight while maintaining strength and support. As a result, the Playmaker 101 weighs approximately 1760 grams in a 180cm length, allowing for easier maneuverability and aerial tricks.

photo credits: elanskis.com

Updates to Other Lines

Elan's commitment to innovation extends beyond the Playmaker skis. The Primetime line, designed to make carving fun again, features Elan's trademark Amphibio profile and dual titanal reinforcement. Meanwhile, the Ripstick collection returns unchanged this year, with new graphics for the Ripstick Black Edition skis. The Wingman collection, tailored for all-mountain carving, receives top sheet upgrades and new eco-friendly construction features.

2024 Elan Playmaker 101


The Elan Playmaker 101 offers a unique blend of features that make it a standout ski. Unlike the Ripstick skis, the Playmaker does not use Amphibio technology and is fully interchangeable between skis. The Tubelite wood core, combined with two short carbon rods placed underfoot, provides a lively and energetic feel. The ski's 360 sidewall construction, similar to the Ripstick Tour 104, ensures durability while minimizing weight. Additionally, the trapezoidal beveling on the top sheet further reduces weight and improves power transfer.

photo credits: elanskis.com


With its Surf Rocker shape, the Playmaker 101 stands apart from the directional Lipsticks. This ski features a significant tip and tail rocker, reminiscent of the Ripstick Tour 104, but with an even more pronounced splay. The mounting point can be adjusted within a wide range, with the center position 7 cm back from the true center. The shape of the Playmaker allows for effortless turns, while the tail provides stability and confidence in off-piste conditions.


The Elan Playmaker 101 delivers a truly enjoyable skiing experience, combining a freestyle attitude with a wide range of capabilities. On groomed runs, the ski's construction and profile excel when initiating lateral turns. Although it doesn't handle high-speed carving like a race ski, the Playmaker offers a good grip and rewards skiers with energy and spring.

Off-piste, the Playmaker 101 truly shines. The ample rocker in the tip and tail provides excellent floatation in powder, allowing skiers to effortlessly navigate through deep snow. The ski's medium flex and carbon reinforcement ensure stability and responsiveness when charging through variable conditions. Whether you're slashing through fresh powder or tackling crud, the Playmaker 101 offers a balanced and predictable ride.

In the terrain park, the Playmaker 101's twin-tip design and playful nature make it a fantastic choice for freestyle enthusiasts. The ski's symmetrical shape allows for easy switch skiing and landing tricks in both directions. The lightweight construction and energetic feel provide the pop and snap needed for jumps and spins. Whether hitting rails, launching off kickers, or buttering on natural features, the Playmaker 101 delivers the versatility and playfulness needed to excel in the park.

Overall, the 2024 Elan Playmaker 101 ski is a true all-mountain freestyle ski that brings fun and playability to the slopes. Its innovative construction, versatile shape, and lively performance make it an excellent choice for skiers looking to explore the mountain, carve groomers, dive into powder, or hit the terrain park.

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Elan continues to impress with its 2024 ski lineup, and the Playmaker 91 and 101 skis stand out as exceptional additions. With their innovative features, including the surf rocker, tube lite wood-core, and carbon reinforcement, these skis offer a playful and energetic ride. Whether you're a freestyle enthusiast, an all-mountain explorer, or a powder seeker, the Playmaker skis provide the versatility and performance to enhance your skiing experience. So grab a pair, hit the slopes, and enjoy the fun and excitement that Elan skis bring to your winter adventures!