Skate to Ski Part 4 - PHASE 3 of Skate to Ski by Rollerblade: Mastering Ski-Specific Cross-Training

Skate to Ski Part 4 - PHASE 3 of Skate to Ski by Rollerblade: Mastering Ski-Specific Cross-Training

Take your skating skills to the next level with these thrilling exercises!

Welcome to Phase 3 of Skate to Ski by Rollerblade! In this exhilarating phase, we delve into actual ski-specific cross-training exercises that will boost your skills on the slopes. Get ready for an adventure-packed journey as we explore five essential techniques to enhance your skiing abilities. From uphill hand down the hill to stomping turns, let's strap on our skates and glide into the world of ski-inspired skating!

Uphill Hand Down the Hill

Master the art of body mechanics and weight transition!

Picture this: a wide road with a gentle slope, where you can unleash your inner ski racer. In this section, we focus on establishing solid body mechanics between your upper and lower body. By nailing the proper weight and edge transition in each turn, you'll find yourself effortlessly gliding down the hill. Discover the common challenges and overcome them to enhance your downhill experience.

Hourglass Turns

Embrace the thrill of speed control and versatile turn shapes!

On your mark, get set, and turn! We set the stage with a wide road and cones strategically placed to form an hourglass course. With each turn, you'll experience the adrenaline rush of matching the hourglass shape flawlessly. Perfect your angulation turn form, utilize the full width of the course, and challenge yourself to control speed through different turn shapes. Let's conquer the slopes with finesse!

Lane Changes

Master the art of rhythm and adaptability on the slopes!

Picture yourself gracefully transitioning between three short turns and a long traverse. This drill focuses on developing speed control through various turn shapes, similar to our Hourglass Turns. As you shift lanes and change the rhythm of your turns, you'll enhance your agility and control on the slopes. Unleash your inner skiing maestro as you glide down the hill, maneuvering effortlessly through the changing landscape.


Strengthen your balance, coordination, and form!

Traversing is a skill that demands impeccable hip position, coordination, and balance. By performing traverses perpendicular to the fall line, you'll have ample time to perfect your body position and footwork. These drills reveal any weaknesses in your form, allowing you to correct them while enjoying the smooth glide across the slope. Challenge yourself by selecting a steeper slope, but always prioritize safety!

Stomp Turns

Develop unwavering balance and confidence on the outside skate!

Are you ready to conquer the mountains with style? Stomp turns are designed to strengthen your trust and independence on the outside skate. With each turn, focus on maintaining control, aligning your shins and knees, and achieving an even "stomp" tempo. Work on both legs to improve proficiency and build confidence on any side. These turns will enhance your skiing abilities, ensuring a thrilling and balanced slope descent!

Phase 3 of Skate to Ski by Rollerblade has taken us on a thrilling journey through ski-specific cross-training exercises. From mastering uphill hand down the hill to perfecting stomping turns, each technique has propelled us closer to becoming skiing maestros. As you lace up your skates and hit the slopes, remember to embrace the excitement, challenge yourself, and enjoy the incredible fusion of skiing and skating. Stay tuned for the next phase, where we'll dive deeper into skating and skiing harmony!

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