HINTERLAND Skis: Carving a Path in the Snowy Wilderness

HINTERLAND Skis: Carving a Path in the Snowy Wilderness

Imagine the thrill of gliding through untouched powder on a pair of expertly crafted skis, feeling the crisp mountain air on your face as you navigate through pristine backcountry terrain. This is the experience that HINTERLAND Skis, an independent ski company, aims to provide to ski enthusiasts who crave adventure beyond the groomed slopes of traditional ski resorts. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, HINTERLAND Skis has been carving its own path in the snow sports industry, creating high-quality, handmade skis that are designed for exploring the vast wilderness and rugged landscapes of the backcountry.

Founded in 2009 under the name WSD, HINTERLAND Skis has its roots in custom ski design. The brainchild of brothers Joshua and Raphael Michel, and their friend Jay Prentice, HINTERLAND Skis was born from their passion for skiing and their desire to push the limits of ski design. Starting with the sale of full custom skis built specifically for individuals, they quickly gained a reputation for their innovative shapes and designs. Over the years, they have built over 100 unique ski shapes and sold over 1000 custom sets of skis, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience in ski design.

With a storage room filled with moulds and templates from their numerous prototypes and custom builds, Joshua, Raphael, and Jay decided to take their passion for skiing and ski design to the next level. They handpicked their favourite ski shapes from their years of experimentation to create a small-batch ski company that pushes the boundaries of ski design, and HINTERLAND Skis was officially founded in 2012. Since then, they have been dedicated to creating skis that are specifically tailored to the unique demands of the untamed wilderness of the backcountry, providing ski enthusiasts with the tools they need to embark on thrilling adventures in the mountains.

Another distinguishing factor of HINTERLAND Skis is its focus on customization. Recognizing that every skier is unique and has their own preferences and requirements, the company offers a wide range of customization options, allowing customers to design skis that are tailored to their specific needs. Skiers can choose from various models, shapes, flex patterns, and graphics, and even have the option to work directly with the craftsmen at HINTERLAND Skis to create their dream pair of skis. This level of customization sets HINTERLAND Skis apart from mass-produced skis and provides customers with a truly personalized and bespoke skiing experience.

One of the hallmarks of HINTERLAND Skis is its dedication to sustainability. As avid nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, the founders of HINTERLAND Skis are deeply committed to protecting the environment and minimizing their ecological footprint. The company uses sustainably harvested wood for its cores, non-toxic adhesives, and low VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes reducing their environmental impact. In addition, HINTERLAND Skis also partners with local environmental organizations and initiatives to support conservation efforts and give back to the community.

The performance of HINTERLAND Skis is another aspect that sets them apart. Built to withstand the challenges of backcountry skiing, their skis are designed with a blend of traditional and modern techniques that result in exceptional performance in variable snow conditions. The skis are known for their versatility, stability, and maneuverability, allowing skiers to confidently tackle steep descents, navigate through tight trees, and float effortlessly through deep powder. HINTERLAND Skis are particularly popular among ski mountaineers, ski touring enthusiasts, and those who seek adventure beyond the boundaries of ski resorts.

HINTERLAND Skis has garnered a dedicated following of passionate skiers who appreciate the company's commitment to craftsmanship, customization, sustainability, and performance. Despite being a small independent ski company, HINTERLAND Skis has gained recognition in the industry, and their skis have been featured in ski magazines, online publications, and social media channels, earning praise for their exceptional quality and performance.

In addition to their skis, HINTERLAND Skis also offers a range of accessories and apparel that cater to backcountry skiers. From bindings and skins to apparel designed for the harsh winter conditions of the backcountry, HINTERLAND Skis provides a complete package for those seeking to explore the untamed wilderness on skis.

But HINTERLAND Skis is more than just a ski company - it's a community. The founders of HINTERLAND Skis are deeply passionate about fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow outdoor enthusiasts. They organize ski tours, events, and gatherings to bring like-minded individuals together and create opportunities for shared adventures in the backcountry. This sense of community and connection with nature is at the core of HINTERLAND Skis' ethos, and it resonates with its loyal customer base.

Despite being a relatively small operation, HINTERLAND Skis has big dreams for the future. The company aims to continue pushing the boundaries of ski design and innovation while staying true to its commitment to craftsmanship, customization, sustainability, and performance. They aspire to inspire more people to venture into the backcountry and experience the thrill and beauty of untouched wilderness on their skis.

HINTERLAND Skis is a unique and independent ski company that has carved its own path in the snow sports industry. With a focus on craftsmanship, customization, sustainability, and performance, HINTERLAND Skis has gained a loyal following of skiers who appreciate the quality and ethos of the brand. As they continue to make their mark in the world of skiing, HINTERLAND Skis is a shining example of a company that combines passion, innovation, and a deep love for nature to create exceptional products for those who seek adventure in the snowy hinterlands.
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