The perfect ski for speed skiers who demand precision on the piste.

This ski takes inspiration from World Cup

racing skis and features a less aggressive tip shape, making them more fun and playful. It offers balance while providing control and power on demand. The Camrock technology features two rockers, one in the nose and one in the tail, along with a classic camber between the inserts. This redirects energy to the snow for more power, moisture and edge grip.

One of the standout features of the Doberman Multigara ski is its use of carbon in the front end and end here on both sides. This provides a powerful rebound that can't be beaten, making it perfect for racing or exploring the mountain. The characteristics of carbon have been used to optimize stability, reduce damping and reduce the weight of the ski. The new Recoil Power Plate adds flexibility, allowing the ski to flow naturally for a smoother, more dynamic ride.

Nordica's Double Core technology integrates two wood cores and two layers of titanium, along with a thin layer of rubber to perfectly absorb shocks, attenuate vibrations and reinforce confidence in the ski. This ski is one of the most stable in the range and excels in difficult conditions and ice. It's perfect for skiers who want to push their limits or reach higher speeds in their favourite ski area.

The Doberman Multigara ski comes with Nordica's XCELL 14 FDT binding, which is a top-tier piste ski binding. Incorporating FDT technology, this binding ensures a smoother transmission of energy and a very agile glide. Its well-designed plate improves the flex of the ski and facilitates the adjustment of the bindings.

Available in three sizes, the Doberman Multigara ski is a true investment at a retail price of 950 pounds with bindings included. But, as any avid skier knows, a great ski is worth every penny. So why not give it a try and see what all the fuss is about? With the Doberman Multigara by your side, you'll be carving the slopes like a pro in no time.

Technical Characteristics

Ski Specifications
Construction Energy 2 TI Double Core Technology: two wood cores, two layers of titanium, a thin layer of rubber
Camber CamRock: Full Camber, fluid feeling of a rocker, especially in powder, and the grip and the nervousness of a classic camber
Radius 175cm
Bindings XCELL 14 FDT with FDT Race Plate Pro N, DIN value of 4-14 TCX
Sizes 170cm, 175cm, 180cm
Weight 6320g (170cm), 6440g (175cm), 6600g (180cm)


  • Excellent stability and edge grip in difficult conditions and on ice
  • Camrock technology provides more power and moisture
  • Recoil Power Plate adds flexibility for a smoother ride
  • Double Core technology absorbs shocks and attenuates vibrations


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • High price point

Overall, the Nordica Dobermann Multigara is a great ski for advanced skiers looking to push their limits and carve up the slopes. Its innovative technology and construction provide excellent stability and power, making it a top choice for speed skiers who demand precision on the piste.

The Nordica Dobermann Multigara could be the perfect ski for ski instructors. With its versatile profile, this ski can be used on all types of terrain, making it ideal for instructors who need to navigate different slopes and conditions throughout the day. It's stable and precise handling, as well as its excellent grip on ice and difficult conditions, will help instructors to demonstrate proper technique and keep their students safe. Additionally, the ski's playful and fun characteristics can make the teaching experience more enjoyable for both the instructor and their students. Overall, the Nordica Dobermann Multigara is a great option for ski instructors who want a ski that can handle anything they encounter on the mountain while still being fun to use.